Benefits matter

Written by
Peter Dunn

If you want to feel 10 years older, start talking about the importance of employee benefits. There is nothing that grays my chest hair (easy, ladies) quite like discussing the impact of employee benefits on young people. But, guess what, folks? They matter. I just finished meeting with a client that is currently battling her employer over some benefits that were promised in her employment letter. Why would you battle your employer over benefits? You would battle them if you had terminal cancer and needed the benefits that they promised you.

I was trying to explain to my client that benefits are often ignored by employers and employees because they basically are only used in emergencies. Benefits don't feel like they have anything to do with money because know one thinks they are going to die young. Hold your employer accountable to the benefits that they promise. They aren't benefits if you can't benefit.

Sorry for the death posts recently, but this is real life. Budgeting and money management is important because real life happens. Be smart.

Step up your financial wellness game.

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