Being prepared for the holidays starts today

Written by
Peter Dunn

About 10 years ago Mrs. Planner and I started to hate the holidays. We overspent on gifts every year and then had to deal with the repercussions in January. It sucked. Then we had the brilliant idea of setting aside a specific amount of cash to use for the holidays, and when the cash was gone we were done buying gifts. Thus the Holiday Savings League was born.

The Holiday Savings League is a bi-weekly email program leading up to the holidays which encourages you to create a holiday budget, split your budget into four cash withdraws which you'll make over the next few months, and then you'll use what you save to pay for gifts. No credit card debt this year! No scrambling in January to make up for mistakes made in December!

And if you need further convincing there is a $500 prize for one participant. No catches, all you have to do is participate.

Do you want to hear this same description while looking at my face? That's weird, but you're in luck because I explained this program on Fox 59 yesterday.

Registration closes in just a few days, sign up now!

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