Back in the saddle...and other terrible cliches

Written by
Peter Dunn

Some of you may have wondered what happen to the Pete the Planner blog. You may have thought that I was part of the Hollywood Writer's Strike. You may have thought that I was on vacation. You may have though that I was lazy. You may have thought that I had run out of original material. Well, some of you are right.

I'm back and ready to spill my knowledge.

Here is what I have learned over my two week vacation.

  1. When people have nothing to do, spending money seems like a relatively good idea.
  1. I used a lot of cash during transaction, and ended up with an incredible amount of coinage.
  1. If you buy a tube of wrapping paper on Dec 23rd it may cost you $4.00. If you buy it on Dec 26th, it may coast you $.40.
  1. Bad sweaters are a timeless gift.
  1. Painting a room is an acquired skill, not something you randomly do on a Saturday
  1. If I had a dollar for every bowl game...

On a serious note. Did you do it? Did you speak the infamous phrase?

I made $______ this year, and we have nothing to show for it.

Look back on 2007 and make sure that you aren't speaking the infamous phrase. If you do, continue reading this blog.

The blog is back and strong. Stay tuned for a great year.

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