A Pete the Planner Show Mini Series: Pete's Eats

Written by
Nicole Frankowski

Pete and I have been cooking up a mini-series for a while, but haven't had the person we needed. Our summer videographer extraordinaire intern, Aaliyah, is exactly that person. Over the next few months, we will be releasing a new segment to our mini-series each week. Topics of mini-series will vary, but our financial focus will not. To kick-off this special project we proudly present: Pete's Eats.

What *exactly* is Pete's Eats? We were hoping you'd ask. Over the next four installments, intern Aaliyah and I have challenged Pete to try and feed a family of four a delicious (and somewhat nutritious) dinner for $10 or under. The first on the dinner menu? Grilled burritos with a salsa verde. Below you will find the full recipe, the ingredients, prices we paid for said ingredients, and instructional how-to with Pete.

We've still got three installments left to go, think there's something Pete can make for under $10 for a family of four? Comment below or send us an email at askpete@petetheplanner.com. You never know, your suggestion may be our next episode.


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