A Pete the Planner Mini Series: Pete's Eats Ep. 3

Written by
Nicole Frankowski

Every Friday at PTP HQ, Pete brings around the treat trolley with tasty beverages to celebrate another week of hard work. But this week, Pete wanted to treat us not only to tasty cocktails but some succulent accouterments as well.

On the menu this week we have put together three cocktail party inspired crostini recipes. Quick, tasty, and leaving you wanting more, these three different crostini appetizers give an option for even the pickiest of eaters.

First up, an Avocado Smear Crostini with a sprinkle of sea salt, a pinch of red pepper flakes, and finished with a touch of lime. Next in the line-up is the Goat Cheese Crostini, layered with peach jam, sprinkled with fresh crack pepper and decorated with fresh basil leaves. And rounding out the trio is the Feta Crostini, drizzled with honey and garnished with rosemary. (Yes, we know, we did not totally keep a budget in mind for this episode. But! A majority of these ingredients are reasonably priced at your favorite grocery store, or we had on hand from a previous episode.)

And now for the cocktails, or as Pete likes to call them... Petertails. We're pretty big on themes around here, and this week gin-based cocktails felt right. First on the list, a gin and tonic for our Vp of Everything (seriously, she is.) And for the rest of the PTP HQ squad, Pete serves up an Italian Negroni.

Below you'll find the full break down of each crostini from the ingredients to the directions. We’ve still got some installments left to go, think you've got a recipe for Pete to try? Comment below or send us an email at askpete@petetheplanner.com. You never know, your suggestion may be our next episode.

Until the next Pete's Eats, cheers!


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