A giant waste of money and some other randomness

Written by
Peter Dunn

We all waste money. I like to detail major wastes of money. Here is one for you. The New England Patriots organization applied for a copyright on the phrase "19-0" early last week. At the time they did this they were 18-0. Therefore, they spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect the phrase "19-0". They did this so that they can extort money out of anyone that says the phrase "19-0". Just like Donald Trump did when people say the phrase "You're fired".

Well, they should have applied for a copyright on the phrase "18-1" or "19 and oh no". My bottom line is that spending thousands of dollars on copyrighting a phrase that doesn't apply to your current reality is a bad idea. Thank you New York Giants.

  • Who is in the best position right now with our "housing crisis"? People who currently rent and are looking to buy. You can get a steal of a deal on a house, and you can get a great interest rate. If you currently are renting, and are looking to buy in the near future, then start thinking of today as the near future.
  • Beware of housing mistakes right now. Yes, prices are low, but that generally means that the house you are in right now has deflated in price as well. Don't commit to buying a new house unless you have a solid plan for your current house.
  • Don't be afraid to refinance over the next 6 months. Rates are falling, and you can replace a bad loan with a good one. Experts usually want you to refinance if you can reduce your rate by at least 1%. This is a good rule of thumb, but based on your loan, less than 1% can make a difference too.
  • Al Gore may not be part of Super Tuesday today, but there were thunderstorms last night that were incredible. Sure, 60 degree weather and thunderstorms on Feb 4th are completely normal...

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