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Peter Dunn

Steven Shattuck is the man. Every time he's on my radio show I basically just give up because he's so much better at it than me. He didn't disappoint this time either. If you aren't already in the know about Steven Shattuck allow me to introduce you. Steven is the VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, a donor database platform for non-profit groups. But to me, he is my go to non-profit guy. Which is why I called him up this week. I had two things I needed his thoughts on. The first is an infographic which was released by Bloomerang that caught my attention and secondly, the begging-to-be-discussed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bonanza.

First up, Bloomerang's $5 donation experiment. I love infographics and this one is no exception. I'll let it speak for itself:

(Infographic courtesy of Bloomerang)

Listen to Steven's first segment on The Pete the Planner Radio Show where he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at this $5 experiment:

Oh, and because I'm a jaded fool, I had to ask Steven to stick around for a second segment to discuss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I'll admit I'm a curmudgeon, thankfully Steven is not. His optimistic thoughts here:

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