60 Days To Change Opens Big: Day 1 Sneak Peek

Written by
Peter Dunn

If you are following us on our 24 Hour News 8 program 60 Days to Change, then you know that the program officially launches on 3/16/09. But, here is a sneak peak. Day 1 of the program is all about organization. Over the following 59 days you will need to access a tremendous amount of your financial information. Therefore, we are going to have you do the hunting and gathering on Day 1. The entire first week of the program is about increasing your awareness. Start by gathering all bank, debt, investments, savings and mortgage statements. You will also need to have your pay stub, insurance policy info, and your employee benefits book. This is no easy task. These statements are probably scattered around your house. Get organized early in Day 1, and the program will go much smoother for you.

Thanks for signing up, and good luck. You can always email if you have any questions. askpete@petetheplanner.com.

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