60 Days To Change: Day 8 Check Your Credit

Written by
Peter Dunn

It's Day 8 of 60 Days to Change, and it's time to get down to the nitty gritty (I have no idea what constitutes something being nitty and/or gritty). It's debt week. If you have debt, then we will help you put together a plan on how to eliminate it while forming lasting money habits.

The first step is to pull your credit report. This costs you nothing, and more importantly it won't negatively impact your credit. Go to Annual Credit Report and pull your credit report today. You have absolutely no reason not to do this. You need to know how your credit appears to others. While you can't "repair" your credit, you can certainly improve your credit score by making payments on time. You also need to try to keep your balances well below their limits. In fact, try to keep your balance to limit ratio below 35%.

I wanted to take a quick second to welcome our users that are watching us on WLFI, WTHI, and WANE. The 60 Days to Change program is growing, and we are thankful to both Lin Broadcasting and our main partners, 24 Hour News 8.

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