5 tips for not blowing all your money during a 3-day weekend

Written by
Peter Dunn

Everyone loves a 3-day weekend, but there's some weird psychology around a 3-day weekend that makes people just lose their minds. Let's say in a typical weekend you spend $50 on entertainment. Adding an extra day to the weekend will likely increase this amount, but not by much. Except, that's rarely the case. I've seen entire monthly entertainment budgets get blown in just one 3-day period. I get it, you want to have fun, but make sure your budget can handle it.

Here are my best tips for having a great 3-day weekend without completely ruining your budget:

  1. Go outside. Going outside is free. Your yard, a friend's yard, the local park, it doesn't matter where, just get outside.
  1. Pitch-in. It's not Memorial Day unless you grill out, meaning it's the perfect opportunity to have a pitch-in. Invite a bunch of friends, assign different food groups, and you can have an awesome party without spending a ton of money.
  1. Pick one day in which you won't spend a dime. It doesn't matter what day you choose, but pick one and challenge yourself.
  1. Set a simple budget before the weekend starts. It's likely your plans this weekend will cost something. Planning ahead will prevent excess spending on top of what you already have planned.
  1. Don't keep checking your balance all weekend-long. You'll spend more. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the more aware of your balance you are the more likely you are to spend. Know your budget and stick to it.

Oh and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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