$15,000 worth of Champagne sprayed in your face...twice

Written by
Peter Dunn

***Disclaimer*** This is true, but the analysis is purely speculative

Early Monday morning in Las Vegas a famous NFL wide receiver was found beaten and robbed lying on the street. He was found at 7:18 am, 45 minutes after he left a nightclub. What was he doing at the nightclub at 6:30 am? Well, he had just bought $15,000 worth of champagne that he was spraying all over the other club goers. There is a video on YouTube (by the way). He had done the exact same thing early in the night at a different club. I'm not saying that spraying $30,000 worth of champagne in someone's face is worth beating them up over, but I understand.

Basically what I'm saying is this: he probably would not have been in a hospital this morning if he hadn't sprayed $30k worth of champagne at other people. Why does anyone think that is cool?

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